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I2C Rotary Encoder

10,739 keer bekeken / views I will address two topics in this post. The first one is about Rotary Encoders and what you can do with them. The second is about the Inter-Integrated Circuit protocol (I²C), developed by Philips. Een … Continue reading

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Universal InfraRed IoT Learning Remote

[ ] In this post I will guide you through the process of building a device that can capture Infrared-messages from an Infrared remote controller (learning mode), and resend the captured Infrared-messages (sending mode). I will use the affordable and … Continue reading

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Always wanted to own a PDP-11? Now you can!

[ ] Some time ago I wrote a post about my trip down memory lane. I visited the Apple Museum Nederland and wrote how that brought me to the micro-KIM computer. A replica of my very first computer: the KIM-1. … Continue reading

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DSMR-logger V4 (Slimme Meter uitlezer)

[ ] In augustus 2018 publiceerde ik een project voor het uitlezen van de Slimme Meter. Aan de hand van de vele reacties van de mensen die het project hebben nagebouwd en mijn eigen ervaring met versie 3 van de … Continue reading

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1of! Platform for developing ESP8266 devices

[ ]  Developing hardware almost always run through the same stages: It starts with an idea You design a concept on paper or in your head Using a solder-less breadboard you connect parts to see that it works as you … Continue reading

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Home-Assistant Integratie met de DSMR-logger

[ ]Belofte maakt schuld. In mijn post over de DSMR-logger heb ik belooft om ook een post te schrijven over de integratie van Home-Assistant met de DSMR-logger. Die belofte willig ik met deze post in. Let op! Deze post is … Continue reading

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