Curriculum Vitae



1985 AEGON

Analyst/Programmer for maintenance on the batch-damage system (IBM mainframe, COBOL/CICS/DB2)

1986 – 1988 VEDIOR HOLDING

Team leader and Developer for the continued development of a decentralised system for the administration of temp-agencies (COBOL/Informix, UNIX).


* 1994–1995 Project Leader
In this role I investigated the possibilities of a migration of the complete functionality of the IBM 4381 to an APS (upper case tool) by which subsequently COBOL/400 can be generated. I was also responsible for the implementation and actual migration project.
* 1990 – 1994 Team Leader
Responsible for the (technically) correct performance of all software on the IBM 4381 system (over 200 batch jobs and more than 1500 COBOL/DB2 batch programs and over 20 online sub systems with more than 800 CICS/DB2 programs).
* 1988 – 1990 Analyst/Programmer
Maintenance on the damage system.

1995 – 2002 ORDINA (previously Orbit)

* 1999 – 2002 Business Unit Manager
In this role I had end responsibility for technical (migration) projects. I was also responsible for the human talent management of my team (15 FTE).
* 1997 – 1998 Head of Maintenance & Repair (as of 1998 Member of the Management Team)
* 1995 – 1997 Technical Designer / Project Leader
Hired as Technical Designer but my main responsibilities shifted towards designing a Software Development Environment (MicroFocus Workbench, Unix (AIX) procedures (bash, ksh), etc). I also developed a workable version control tool by means of SCCS (Demotion/Promotion-model).


Office Manager
The VEC is a wealth manager.
I developed an integrated online system to support the core business of the company. Furthermore I was as Office Manager responsible for all non-core business like Human Resources, Facility Management, Administration.
As of 2006 I was a member of the Management Team.


Generalist; Communicative; Analytical; Enthusiastic; Reliable; Problem Solving; No Nonsense; Customer Oriented; Creative.

Possible positions

Application designer and developer
Overall Project Leader

Main Interests (but not limited to)

Web-enabled applications, Linux, PHP, MySQL and Open Source products and tools.
Adding value!!


Office / ICT manager

N.V. De Vereenigde Effecten Compagnie
2003 – 2016
Responsible for everything that is not considered ‘core business’.
ICT, Finance, HRM, Facility management

Project / BU Manager

January 1999 – 2003 (4 years)
Project Leader, Project Manager
Business Unit Manager
Mainly technical / migration projects

Project Leader

Orbit – now Ordina
1995 – 1999 (4 years)
Hired as freelance System Developer
Ended as project leader / project manager

Team leader / project leader

Zurich Insurance
1988 – 1995 (7 years)
Initially hired for 6 months. Responsible for maintenance and continued development of the automated system which was used for 80% of the core business of the Dutch branch. COBOL / IBM4381.
At the end project leader for the migration of the system to APS / AS400

Managing Director

Aandewiel Automatisering B.V.
1980 – 1990 (10 years)
Development of software for, among others, Brokers, Market makers, Retail etc.



1996 – 2002
Certificates, Information Technology, Project management
Activities and Societies
Project Management, TIPI, and more


1989 – 1990
PPL/RT, Private Pilot Licence
Activities and Societies
Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of Flight, Performance & Planning, Meteorology, Navigation, Air Law, Operational Procedures, Human Factors, Communication

Information Technology

1979 – 1979
NOVI, Information Technology, Application Programmer
Activities and Societies
I1, I2, B1, T2 (COBOL)

Technicalschool Alkmaar

1971 – 1975
Electronics / Digital technics

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  1. Rik Wanders says:

    Rik Wanders
    Willem was my first boss in the IT business and provided all facilities to become a professional. As my mentor, I am still gratefull for his patience and attention and most of all I admire his ‘can-do’ attitude. It was great having been part of his team.
    September 30, 2008, Rik reported to Willem at Aandewiel Automatisering B.V.

  2. Peter Reijgers says:

    Peter Reijgers
    Projectmanager and Fircosoft Consultant
    It was a great experience to work with Willem. It is Willem who was my first teacher in IT and I really learnt a lot! I know Willem as a very smart and very dedicated person and he is a real entrepeneur. It was really fun working for him!
    July 28, 2009, Peter reported to Willem at Aandewiel Automatisering B.V.

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