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Home-Assistant Integratie met de DSMR-logger

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Belofte maakt schuld. In mijn post over de DSMR-logger heb ik belooft om ook een post te schrijven over de integratie van Home-Assistant met de DSMR-logger.

Die belofte willig ik met deze post in.

Home-Assistant is, naar mijn bescheiden mening, één zo niet dé meest universele en robuuste Domotica oplossing die momenteel bestaat.… Read the rest

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Shutdown Headless Raspberry Pi (English)

A modern operating system does not like being turned off on a dime, that is to say, being turned off before being shut down. For computers with a graphic interface this is as easy as pressing the right button. However, if a computer doesn’t have a screen or a mouse, like a Raspberry Pi (RPi) working as a server hidden away in a dark corner, this offers some difficulty.… Read the rest

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