Solid State Tape Device for the (micro)KIM

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KIM-1 AddIn 1976 I bought my first computer. That was at a time when there was no internet, there where no PC or Apple’s! Computers where meant for big company’s like insurance compagnies and multi nationals. No one had a computer at home. It was the time of the Homebrew Computer Club and Byte magazine. I had a Byte magazine subscription and at a certain point there was an advertisement in it from MOS-Technology for a single board computer called the KIM-1.

If I remember correctly, I, one-way-or-an-other (remember, there was no internet, no email, no PayPal. only had The Yellow Pages and a Phone Book from the city of Amsterdam), found a distributer in the Netherlands where I ordered this piece of magic.

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BeeHave – a beehive data logger

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A friend of my keeps bees as a hobby. I’m not fond of flying, stinging insects, but because he was so enthusiastic my partner and I went to visit an apiary in the ‘Corversbos’ in Hilversum and it was nice.

The bees (contrary to wasps) are relaxed, friendly creatures that do no harm – as long as you comply to certain rules (e.g.: don’t stand in their flight path to the landing zone of the beehive!). I think, if they behave them selfs, I like those little creatures.

One of the reasons to visit the apiary was to have a look at some beehives as my friend want’s to log temperature data during the year to monitor the health of the beehive.
And that’s what this blog is about.

The objective is to create a device that will measure the temperature inside the beehive at certain intervals, for instance every one, two, three, four or six hours.
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Klimaat in en rond het huis

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Shutdown Headless Raspberry Pi (English)

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A modern operating system does not like being turned off on a dime, that is to say, being turned off before being shut down. For computers with a graphic interface this is as easy as pressing the right button. However, if a computer doesn’t have a screen or a mouse, like a Raspberry Pi (RPi) working as a server hidden away in a dark corner, this offers some difficulty. The only way to shut it down is by logging in through SSH and running the “shutdown -h now” command.

Een Nederlandse vertaling vindt u hier.
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Hurghada 2013

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Vakantie 2013

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