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Simple Challenge/Response sketch

[ ]For a project I’m working on with Jelmer (JDJelectronics) we have to communicate with a SIMCOM GPRS modem. I wrote an interactive sketch that can handle the communication (with so called “AT” commands) with a GPRS modem. Parts of … Continue reading

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Slimme Meter Poort Extender (P1 HUB)

[ ] (Laatste update: 04-04-2023 – Versie 2.0) Bijna alle Nederlandse huishoudens zijn inmiddels uitgerust met een zgn. “Slimme meter”. Deze meter stelt de energie leveranciers in staat om op afstand de meterstanden op te vragen. Om ook de eindgebruiker … Continue reading

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digital Tape Recorder for the KIM-1 (and clones)

[ ]In October 2017 I wrote a post with the title “Solid State Tape Device for the (micro)KIM“. Recently one of the makers (Dirk Dral) wanted to adapt the device for use with a genuine KIM-1 and ran into some … Continue reading

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A 32kb Memory Expansion Board for the microKIM

[ ] As you may know, I own a microKIM (KIM-1 clone) Single Board Computer (SBC).  It is a trip down memory lane to work with the incredible simplicity of what was once “top of the bill” technology. The original … Continue reading

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