A 32kb Memory Expansion Board for the microKIM


As you may know, I own a microKIM (KIM-1 clone) Single Board Computer (SBC). 

It is a trip down memory lane to work with the incredible simplicity of what was once “top of the bill” technology.

The original KIM-1 I once owned had 1kb of RAM and the microKIM has 5kb RAM. That is a big improvement but even so it can be better. As Vincent Briel (the designer of the microKIM) made a career change, his company “Briel Computers” is no longer in business and you can no longer buy his 32kb memory expansion board. 

And so it came to pass that I had to design a memory card by myself. With this 32kb memory expansion board the total amount of RAM will be a whooping 37kb! More than enough to run a BASIC interpreter (and more) and in combination with my “digital Tape Recorder” I now have a “state of the Art” vintage computer!

The overall costs for the complete board are ~€ 29,-. The most expensive part being the 40 pin connector (~€8,-)!

If you want a microKIM Liu Ganning made and sell’s a microKIM clone “PAL-1” for only $70,- !!!

My ADW2101 board fits perfectly on the PAL-1 as the extension connector is the same as on the microKIM. Only the position is different.

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